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AED 25.00/Pkt
Marinated Prawns Medium 500gn

AED 30.00/kg
Marinated Mackerel/Ayala Whole Cleaned

AED 18.00/Pkt
Marinated Sardine / Mathi

AED 32.00/Pkt
 Marinated Sulthan Ibrahim

AED 35.00/Pkt
Marinated Kingfish Cubes 400gm

AED 35.00/Pkt
Marinated Kingfish Steak 400gm

AED 26.00/Pkt
Marinated Chicken Cut Pieces Fry 1kg

AED 21.00/Pkt
Marinated Whole Chicken Grill

AED 42.50/Pkt
Marinated Sea bream

AED 23.00/Pkt
Marinated Chicken Barbecue 4pcs

AED 29.51/Pkt
Marinated Doversole Small

AED 53.75 50.75/kg
Barbecue Shish Taouk (Chicken)

AED 57.75/kg
Barbecue kebab (Lamp / Beef)

AED 129.75/kg
Barbecue Tikka (Lamp / Beef)